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Take a deep breath and escape to a trail where you’re serenaded by birdsong, fresh air permeates, and blue skies mesmerize. Whether you’re chasing endorphins on a trek of Machu Picchu or enjoying an effortless panoramic walk, a Hiking adventure is a much-needed release from the roller coaster called life. Wander past ancient tombs on Türkiye's Lycian Way, chase the clouds above Yosemite or conquer the mighty Himalayas!

Steff on her Peru Hiking adventure

  1. “One of my favorite treks I have ever done!  Tour Radar answered very quickly and gave me all of the important details to do this amazing trek. This trip was very well planned, our magnificent tour guide always knew how to motivate us as you can tell he is very proud of his Peruvian culture. Thanks to him, all of us did the trek without any problems! Our wonderful Chef created excellent meals during our trip (I still don’t understand how he made these in a remote area!) This was an incredible trip in my life and taught me that nothing is impossible if you trust yourself! I’ll definitely be back!”

  2. Tour: Ausangate Trek by Vidal Expeditions

Bernado on his Tanzania Hiking adventure

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